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Welcome to ATR Global Sourcing

ATR Global Sourcing specialises in sourcing and importing/exporting Chinese and Latin American products. We act as buyers’ agents for companies who would like to benefit from prices offered by these markets on manufactured goods or components, but that still want to receive the same high standard, quality and reliability of service that you would receive from an Australian company.

Our Chinese office (ALIANCE LTD.), based in Shanghai, has over six years experience in helping our clients from different parts of the globe with all their importing needs. Our agents in Latin America have several years experience sourcing and exporting locally manufactured products to different parts of the globe. These business partnerships have their own shipping agents, who can organise freight, insurance, deal with customs and port authorities and deliver to your door, if needed.

As buyers’ agents we understand the importance of quality products, as well as on-the-ground service and support, and that is why we take care of everything. Our company will give you personal service and ensure that the products that we supply meet your requested standards.

In order to achieve that, members of our team regularly meet costumers on-site across Australia, or by telephone/teleconference for overseas customers, to understand how your business operates and how better to meet your needs.

But, that is not all, our company can also source Australian products, such as the world famous Australian wines or any other quality Australian products that will serve your needs.

This is why we can say with confidence that we take the headache out of importing/exporting from China, Latin America and Australia.